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Rental Sleeping Cabins

Group Lodging Rental Sleeping Cabins

Rental Sleeping Cabin Rates:
  • (20) Sleeping cabins available, each cabin sleeps (7-13) guests
  • Group rental rates, $29-$34 per person, per night
  • Rental linens & catering is available, call for details

Rental Sleeping Cabin Features:

Linens & Guest Services:

Rental Sleeping Cabins: no linens are provided by Camp Sylvester for Rental Sleeping Cabins, rental linens are available, call for details. Guests as necessary to provide all bedding (blankets, sleeping bag and/or pillow), hygiene products and bathing towel.

The Camp Manager, an employee of Camp Sylvester, will open and close cabins, instruct you on use of equipment and provide basic supplies including: electric service (for general use), firewood, running water, toilet paper, paper towels, light bulbs, hand soap, hair and body wash, appropriate surface and floor detergents and cleaner for sanitation management.

Camp Sylvester does not provide cleaning service. All guests and/or groups are required self-maintain cleanliness. Each guest/group upon departure is required restore facilities used, to condition received, all cleaning supplies and equipment is provided.

Rental Sleeping Cabin Lists:
Cabin Name: 
Premier Cabins: 
Thiemann Lodge Cabin  (10) (2) Bedroom, (2) Full Bath, (2) Queen Size Beds, (6) Twin Bunks, Partial Kitchen, DVD, New Flooring
Tier (1)-One Cabins: 
Pinecone Cabin (8) Full Bath, (1) Queen Size Bed, (6) Twin Bunks Table, New Flooring
Sierra / Nurse’s Cabin (5) Full Bath, (1) Full Size Bed, (4) Twin Bunks, Mini Fridge, Table
Tier (2)-Two Cabins:
Birch Cabin (13) Built-in Twin Bunks, Table
Hemlock Cabin (13) Built-in Twin Bunks, Table, New Flooring
Juniper Cabin (13) Built-in Twin Bunks, Table
Oak Cabin (10) Built-in Twin Bunks
Ponderosa Cabin (13) Built-in Twin Bunks, Table, New Flooring
Poplar Cabin (10) Built-in Twin Bunks
Sequoia Cabin (13) Built-in Twin Bunks, Table
Sugarpine Cabin (13) Built-in Twin Bunks, Table
Willow Cabin (7) Built-in Twin Bunks
Spruce Cabin (13) Mixed Twin Built-In Bunks, Table
Aspen Cabin (13) Mixed Twin Built-In Bunks, Table, New Flooring
Lodgepole Cabin (7) Built-In Twin Bunks, New Flooring
Tier (3)-Three Cabins:
Redwood Cabin (11) Mixed Twin Built-In Bunks
Pine Cabin (–) Closed For Season
Manzanita Cabin (12) Mixed Twin Built-in Bunks, Table
Dogwood Cabin (8) Mixed Twin Built-in Bunks
Tier (4)-Four Cabins:
Ash Cabin (8) Mixed Built-In Bunks
Cedar Cabin (8) Free Standing Bunks
Total Sleeping Capacity:

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