Pinecrest Lake Marina
Phone: (209) 965-3333

Paddle Boats: A pedal powered boat, perfect for the young or young at heart. Seats a maximum of four people, not in excess of 675 pounds.

Kayaks: Want a little adventure or the perfect morning workout. Kayaks are fun for all ages. Lake Kayaking is easy to learn. Singles seat one person, doubles seat two.

Partyboats: Ready to celebrate or have a large family? We feature two sizes of pontoon boats, the ten passenger Junior or fifteen passenger Partyboat. Both sizes have a top, providing partial shade and padded bench seating. You are welcome to bring a table, barbeque, ice chests or anything else you may desire. Yes, fishing from partyboats is possible and works well! Reservations strongly recommended — Call (209)965-3333 for PARTYBOAT RESERVATIONS.

Sailboats: Feel the wind in your hair. Sunfish sailboats are great for the novice or advanced sailor to zoom you around Pinecrest Lake or just relax on the water. Please be advised that we do not offer sailing lessons. Sailboats are normally available by July 1, dependent upon water temperature.

Motorboat: Out to catch that memory or take a cruise around the lake. Our motorboats are the most popular and are aluminum fishing boats with outboard motor. Seats a maximum of five people, not in excess of 625 pounds.

Phone: (209) 965-3333